Peace of Mind Massage integrate mindfulness meditation into massage therapy because I believe in incorporating the mindfulness of the client can make the session more beneficial.

All the techniques and modalities of massage therapy can allow the therapist to provide space for the client to engage in mindful meditation. When the body is in a state of complete calm it can identify areas of pain or weakness and through massage therapy the body systems can support and heal those areas.


It's prove that mindfulness meditation and massage therapy are complementary practices that can balance the body when used in tandem.

The results discovered that the combined Massage and Meditation therapy had a significantly favorable influence on overall and spiritual quality of life, relative to standard care or either massage or meditation alone.

With this in mind and with the understanding that it is hard for some people to relax and ‘let go’ into a massage, I have developed my own form of Mindfulness Meditation into Massage Therapy.

Mindfulness Massage Therapy has psychological, physical, emotional well-being and spiritual benefits.

75 min £70