A growing fetus needs a healthy environment to develop and thrive!

Your lymphatic system is key to that process – boosting bodily immunity and carrying away harmful toxic buildup, while reducing inflammation. Great news for moms-to-be – healthily functioning lymphatic circulation also contributes to reduced swelling in the hands and feet during pregnancy!

Why Lymphatic maintenance is crucial to both mom and baby during pregnancy?

A growing fetus has its own natural barriers against toxins and bacteria that may travel with the mother’s blood through the umbilical cord. It’s called the placenta. While this fluid-sac acts as a shield, protecting baby from harmful exposure to things that may compromise its own burgeoning immune system, it does not stop viruses from entering. While this isn’t normally an issue for mother or child, it is nevertheless best to help support your body naturally eliminate toxic waste, boosting your own immune system while helping to protect baby’s.

Plus, lymphatic drainage can help decrease swelling of the limbs, which means greater comfort for mom! ?

Lymphatic drainage massage 60 min £55