Energy Healing Massage Therapy


Have you tried It?


Are you feeling stressed, lacking energy, sleeping poorly, lack of memory, headaches, anxious?

This therapy is for you!!

We all have the visible physical body and the invisible subtle energy body, which consist of the emotional, mental, spiritual bodies. The energy is also called Prana, Chi, Ki, life force. Without prana, the physical body will die.

Energy healing facilitates the release of energetic, physical and emotional blockages that are restricting your access to happiness, physical well being and living an abundant life.
Physical or emotional problems cause blockages in the human energy field disrupting the natural flow of energy around the body. Rather than treating the symptoms, energy healing treats the individual as a whole looking at the root causes of the problem often found deep within a person’s psyche. Your body has the potential to heal itself and go back to its natural state of balance.

How does Energy Healing Massage help?

The power of Energy Healing Massage comes from the early identification of imbalance at the level of energy before they can manifest in diseases at the physical level. This gives you advance notice of problems and precious time to heal your issues before they can create serious illness. For only by healing your issues, can you bring your life into balance, achieve vibrant health and harmony in life.
Every pain/disease has a message…that something is not in balance or harmony. The aim of energy healing massage is to bring back balance and wholeness.

In this massage I apply different therapeutic and holistic techniques:

* Reiki

* Reflexology

* Meridians pressure points

* Therapeutic massage (muscular pain)

* Indian head

* Cranial Sacral Therapy

* Tuning forks and orgonites

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