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Yes! You CAN-CERtainly have a soothing and safe
Cancer Touch Therapy Massage treatment

Massage was developed by Made For Life Foundation and accredited by CMA complementary medical association.

It s a Soothing, Safe & Supportive therapy during ANY stage of cancer treatment.

People diagnosed with cancer; the patient, their close family and or carers will quickly understand that receiving such a diagnosis can be a traumatic and life changing event. Patients probably be feeling like they’ve lost them life control physically, emotionally and psychologically

From Study of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro
A 'Fifth Symphony' by Beethoven is one of the most famous compositions of classical music and, according to a new Brazilian study, may help cure cancer.The survey, conducted by the Program Oncobiology Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, analyzed MCF-7 cells, which are linked to breast cancer. By exposing these cells to the famous theme, one in five eventually died, which enthusiastically involved.
The study, which began in May 2010, is to allow them to develop new prospects for cure of malignant tumors, using tones and frequencies, explains the newspaper 'O Globo'.
Already on the official unit Oncobiology univesidade of that, the charge of the study, Marcia Capella, states that have already used other musical compositions, Masner always with the same results.
"We began our work using three compositions: Sonata for 2 Pianos in D Major" by Mozart [known to cause the 'Mozart effect', a temporary increase in spatial-temporal reasoning of an individual], the 'Fifth Symphony' Beethoven and 'Atmosphères' [the Hungarian György Ligeti], a contemporary composition, which is characterized mainly by the absence of a melodic line that reflects the theme, "he says.
According to expert, the composition of Mozart, caused no change in cells, but the Beethoven and Ligeti have killed an average of 20% of them, besides the "decrease in size and granularity."
The fact that Mozart did not provoke any reaction is to scare those responsible, since his compositions are among the most widely used in music therapy.

People report- that life will never be the same again.

- Feeling sick,  Disorientated, Very sad , Angry, Frustrated, Scared Lost, isolated.
- In need of support and often unsure of what to do for the best
- a very dehumanising experience. Maybe you are also experiencing the extremely distressing process of hair loss in addition to all the other side-effects of treatment and surgery?

“No matter if you are currently have treatment or in remission, whether you are having a good day or a rubbish day, this treatment perfect for you. Pamela tailors the treatment to how you and your body feels and what you need to move forward feeling better. She has the most healing touch I have experienced. I would be lost with out this and I am so glad I found the perfect person to aid me in my body and mind recovery.”

M.C.  Guernsey, Channel Island

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Massage Room

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A properly adjusted massage takes account of the potential side effects of cancer treatments and respects the body’s need to piece itself together again gently. Adjusting the pressure is a major consideration.

I am delighted and excited to offer Massage for People Living with Cancer in my peaceful and comfortable therapy room.

60 minutes £60