How can magnets improve health?

The therapeutic magnets is an alternative therapy to
traditional medicine consisting of the use of magnets in the body to improve or
cure injuries, wounds, inflammations, etc ... different studies have shown that
there are improvements and benefits in people treated with magnetic techniques
. In addition, the FDA has approved various products or devices that use
magnetism for medical purposes, especially supplements to bone and depressive

It is also used a lot by elite athletes who want to
shorten their recovery periods and little by little they are seeing more in
hospitals, clinics and health centers.

What is the use of therapeutic magnets?

It is used in many medical fields, although it has focused
especially on the treatment of joints and muscle injuries. Among the health
problems that it intends to treat we find:

a) Arthritis and other joint or bone problems.

b) Migraines

c) Pain, both mild and severe or chronic

d) Muscle or ligament injuries, tendons and sprains

e) Depression, Stress or Anxiety

f) Cancer

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